CYTA Services


Extreme Mobiles Ltd is an authorised Cyta Partner using the company DMP Technologies Ltd.

We are able to provide the following services at our store:

Mobile Telephony Plans

  • Freedom
  • Youth
  • Red
  • Red Family
  • Black
  • Classic
  • Soeasy

 Fixed Telephony Services

  • Broadband
  • Analogue

 Internet services

  • Broadband
  • Cyta Fiber
  • Mobile Wifi 4G

TV Packages

  • Cytavision Value Pack
  • Cytavision Variety Pack
  • Cytavision Cyprus Football

Please call us for the required documents you will need to provide.

We are also able to activate an automatic bank payment of your bill to save valuable time every month. We will need your IBAN certificate provided from your bank or print it from your online e-banking. Must be less than 3 months old.