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Mobile Phone Repairs



Our Service Centre is fully equipped and constantly updated with the latest software so we can fully diagnose and repair your mobile phone and handset.

Extreme Mobiles Ltd offers the following:

  • A Wide Range of original spare parts and accessories in stock
  • Software update or re-programing mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Data back-up (contacts, SMS, photos, videos and data)
  • Data recovery from smart phones, tablets and computers
  • Language change on most mobile phones
  • Unlocking mobile & smart phones

We can fix anything from a simple speaker or LCD replacement problem to handsets labelled as beyond economical repair due to water damage (we specialise in water damage repairs).

Most issues can be resolved within 10-30 minutes, however, depending on the severity of the problem 1-4 days may be required- don't panic though we lend you a mobile phone to keep you connected.

Contact us for a free diagnosis.